Shipping & Returns

Holiday Shipping Notice

With the holidays rapidly approaching, we wanted to remind everyone that there will be a cut-off time to place orders for Christmas. The cut-off date will be November 27, the Sunday after Thanksgiving. This allows us to get your order ready and shipped out in a timely manner for the holidays. However, we do want to emphasize that we have no control over the package once it leaves our shop, so while it should reach you in time for Christmas, we cannot guarantee the post office's shipping times.

Also, while it normally takes around 2-3 weeks to get the orders ready, if we have an influx of orders the time may increase to 4 weeks. Please be sure to get your orders in as quickly as possible so that we're able to fill them as soon as we can for you all! Thank you so much!

Shipping Policies

Delivery Details

Most orders will be received within 2 to 3 weeks from the day your order is processed in the Gallery. We use USPS for shipping most of our prints.

Local Pickup

We offer a local pickup options for customers wanting to pickup their order at our Gallery in Navarre, OH.  Customers choosing the local pickup option will be called when orders are ready to be picked up.

Shipping Rates

Shipping rates are determined based on total value of your shopping cart.

Order Total                  Flat Rate Shipping                    Order Total                          Flat Rate Shipping
$0.0 to $15.00            $7.00                                  $160.00 to $200.00          $42.00
$15.01 to $27.00        $12.00                                $200.01 to $250.00           $47.00

Order Total
Flat Rate Shipping
Order Total
Flat Rate Shipping
$0.0 to $15.00
$160.00 to $200.00
Order Total Flat Rate Shipping
$0.0 to $15.00 $7.00
$15.01 to $27.00 $12.00
$27.01 to $50.00 $17.00
$50.01 to $80.00 $22.00
$80.01 to $100.00 $27.00
$101.01 to $130.00 $32.00
$130.01 to $160.00 $37.00
$160.00 to $200.00 $42.00
$200.01 to $250.00 $47.00
Order Total Flat Rate Shipping
$250.01 to $300.00 $52.00
$300.01 to $400.00 $62.00
$400.01 to $500.00 $72.00
$500.01 to $600.00 $82.00
$600.01 to $700.00 $92.00
$700.01 to $800.00 $102.00
$800.01 to $900.00 $112.00
$900.01 to $1000.00 $122.00
$1,000.00 &Over $147.00

Shipping Questions


Return Policy

Return and Refund Policy - Returns are NOT permitted except in the event of damage and must be reported to us within 7 days of receipt.
We will gladly send you a new print or issue you a store credit. We do not do Refunds.

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